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B.A Grandluxe III 50g

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Description The skin and the brain mutually enhance one another. Transform curiosity into beauty with neuroscientific ideas.

While searching for new skin possibilities, POLA B.A Research Center reached a mechanism that transforms “curiosity” into beauty.
We focused on the messenger substances produced by the brain when you feel “curiosity” and the cycle of “curiosity” felt by touching the skin during your skincare routine.
We propose a new skincare theory inspired by neuroscience toward “holistic beauty” in which you continue to expand your world by a lifestyle brimming with “curiosity” and rich in changes and challenges.

Brain Crosstalk Theory
A theory focused on the connection between the brain and skin. Enriched with POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient, Brain Crosstalk RU.
Autophagy Cycle Theory: A theory that aims for radiant, glowing skin, focusing on the “Autophagy Cycle®” that changes accumulated time into radiance. Enriched with POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient “Cellence AC.”
Genesis Bio-Active Theory
A theory that aims for skin firmness and elasticity, focusing on “versican,” one of the factors of skin production. Contains POLA's original moisturizing ingredients Golden LP and B.A Core Complex.
・Supports a three-dimensional effect through luster: R.C Extract, Golden LP, B.A Core Complex.
・Inhibits melanin production and prevents pigmentation and freckles: Rucinol®
・Supports skin with clarity: POLA’s original beauty ingredients m-A Clear Extract, YAC Extract.
・Supports radiant skin: SC liquid, BP Lumina Extract.
・Prevents skin roughness: GK-2.
・Focuses on skin glycation: EG Clearing Extract.
Volume 50g
Brand POLA
How To Use (1) Smooth evenly over the entire face with a gentle lifting motion. Hold the skin in place for 3 seconds, encouraging it to remember the firmness.
(2) Rub the palms together to warm them, then wrap the entire face with your palms, encouraging deeper penetration into the skin while enjoying the fragrance.
(3) [To feel the skin’s firmness and elasticity] use the pads of four of your fingers and slowly and gently press the cheeks (the non-bony part) perpendicular to the skin.
*During this routine, shift your finger position from the face line to the upper cheek.
Country of Origin Japan
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